Lucy Boston

Thursday, September 8, 2011

WHAT is wrong with me?!?

I picked up more wool.

I have a project that I've been working on,
(read that as:  started & in a pile on my ironing board :)
It is called "10 cents a Chance"
and was a McCall's Quilting magazine Web Bonus LAST summer.
Anyway, the "kit" had a chunk of blue fabric printed with white stars.
BUT, if you cut the blue star fabric into the size required for piecing,
it cut THROUGH the stars.
I don't think that is acceptable for a "field" in a flag. 
No flag should have partial stars in my book.
So, I decided that I should applique stars onto this quilt. 
And, I should have a few shades of creams/whites in wool. 
This would "make" the quilt, I decided...
So, at last weeks' guild quilt show, I hit up the booth of the "wool lady".
Thank you, wool lady.

I now have plenty of wool. 
Like I didn't have wool in my life already!

Only 288 woolen stars to cut and applique!


  1. Where did you get blue and star fabric?

    1. Hello! The blue star fabric is an older Jo Morton fabric - that I purchased a couple of years ago from The Good Wives Co, Marion, Ohio. I know they no longer have it in stock. I think there is a newer fabric in stock: still the same print in a different colorway - dark tan background with darker stars that I think are dark red...


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