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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

a few autumn-y things

There must be a HUGE weather system blowing in here.
Or something is going on with the barometric pressure...
My head that thinks it's a barometer
is really distressing today!
Maybe it's the changing of the seasons that's really hitting hard.

Anyway, to make me forget the sinus headache celebrate,
I have started to pull out a few decorations...
More importantly,
I have my Vintage Trick or Treat
hung in the living room!
The lighting is not great in this photo, but I'm still lovin' it!
And, I whipped up that little woolen table topper -
from the stuff I "had to purchase"
from the last quilt guild show that I got to visit.

It's beginning to feel Autumn-ish around here in Central Ohio.
Yep, I'm calling the headache Autumn-ish.

Come to find out, I watched the weather news,
and sure enough, there is the HUGEST storm system swirling
around the middle of the U.S. -
I knew I wasn't crazy!
Barometric Autumn-ish!

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