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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I love working playing at the LQS a couple of days a week.
It is a great reproduction and wool only shop
and the owners are WONDERFUL folks. 
I feel very blessed to be able to work at Good Wives Co
and contribute to the quilt-y-ness
in my small part of the world. 
I get to help choose fabrics,
see new products & patterns,
smile everyday
not only during work,
but on the drive there and back!

I have been busy this year
 at home, too, working playing 
with the long-arm quilting machine - "Big DD". 
 I just did a quick count of quilts (pictured on this blog),
and I have gotten to meander and quilt across
 +/- sixty-five.
Wow, I wouldn't have guessed! 
I didn't count as I stitched,
so this number is a nice surprise to me :).
  I just knew I was having fun quilting along!
I also am blessed with great friends...
in life and here in the world of blogville...
blog-friends I have never met, but hope that someday we might meet.
(That would be some road/boat/air-trip, wouldn't it?!)
I thank each of you for your friendships and interest.
Thank you to all the pattern, fabric, and notion designers/makers, too.
Your creativity helps me keep my stash growing!

A big Thank You
to everyone for a great 2012!!

My wishes to all
for great health,
greater peace and happiness,
and the greatest abundances in your lives
for this year of 2013!!!

And, finally, a few quilt photos -
the last commissioned one for 2012...

Judy's beautiful toile'-centered quilt
(that she is planning on finishing with a
scalloped border):
and a close-up of the Sashiko quilting:
 Lastly, a quilt-y finish for me:
50" x 50" farm animals for Logan
that I gifted to the latest great-nephew on Sweetie's side
(no pattern, just modified a friends' quilt finish).

Happy Stitching in 2013! 

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