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Monday, February 18, 2013

pink flowers and paper snow

My thanks to all who "voted"  with positive comments
on my PINK flower garden fabric choices
from my last post.

As I look back on it, it is definitely very Spring-y looking, isn't it?!
This pink applique project is really screaming pink!
Since I lean more toward jewel tones and autumn colors
(in quilting and clothing),
the pink-ness was making me doubt
choosing and purchasing these light-colored fabrics.
Anyway, the last couple of days,
I've let my fingers do the stitching and
here's my first *finished block:
of "My Sally Post Garden".
AND here's the back view:
(Aren't those floral fabrics gorgeous?)
*Finished block, as in I've decided
to make this quilt in the Hot Pad or Pot Holder Method!

First, needle-turn applique for the flowers.
Then machine-pieced and sashed around the applique center.
Layered, hand-quilted, and then bound...
FINISHED!!  One block down, and only 35 more to go!

And, I still love the large, floral fabrics and the pink!-ness!
(French General - Rouenneries fabrics)

Oh, and there's still snow around here:
Paper snow flakes inside
and heavy snow flurries outside!
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

ps - for more information on Hot Pad or Pot Holder Quilts
I have info at this post or this post on Sanitary Commission/Civil War quilts.
Barbara Brackman also has a recent blog write-up here about Don Beld's
Civil War Quilts from his book of the same name.


  1. I really like the pink - especially now that I see a finished block. Can't wait to see it take shape! t in tx

  2. forgot - i went and checked out the potholder block history and that is really cool that you are doing your quilt this way
    t in tx agai

  3. Beautiful. Reminds me of spring and I'm certainly ready for it. The pastel colors are lovely together. Love the back as well as the front. My mother made quilts, lots in her lifetime. They were a necessity. She made them from scraps of material but they were and still are beautiful works of art.
    Thanks for sharing. Barb

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  4. HI! and thanks for the hot pad links! I just heard about this and now want to look for that book! AND, I really like your block. With all of your snow you need pink spring flowers.

  5. hand quilting? how do you have the time? I'm lucky to get a block PIECED in a month, not three done and quilted.


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