Lucy Boston

Thursday, February 21, 2013

the blues & taxes

the blues and taxes.
Seems like those two things can go together
this time of year, huh?

But, first, some explainin' to do, Lucy...

I'm talking the Blues as in Indigo Crossing,
you know, that new fabric line that's drool-worthy
 by Minnick & Simpson/Moda.
Well, Indigo Crossing came into the LQS last week.
And what's a girl to do when gorgeous fabric calls her name?
This is what made it to my home
And give me some credit,
although I have a birthday coming, I did show some restraint -
I didn't get the entire line,
just those half yard cuts. (:
(And I have plans!  There are always plans, aren't there?!)

So that brings up the second part of the title...
the tax question is from Sweetie.

He comes in
and sees the nice stack of blue fabrics
that I'm folding and fondling,
and without breaking stride
or awaiting an answer, his question is this:

"Do you think
this year
there is an amortization schedule
for fabric?"
He makes me smile!
I'm smiling while I'm refolding my new blue fabric.


  1. I haven't seen those indigos yet,but they look lovely. I'll have to find them in person. and yes, HA is right on the tax and fabric question!

  2. You gotta love a man who "gets it" when it comes to fabric. I'm married to a CPA and he just smiles to himself and doesn't say a thing when he sees new fabric.

  3. Don't we all wish we could somehow write off our stash?! Funny!


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