Lucy Boston

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lucy Boston January recap

It's been snowin' and blowin' around here this past week,
like it's Winter, or something!!
Lots of snow and frigid temps,
so in the evenings,
I've been covered up with a quilt
and hand-stitching away.
Mostly working on my Lucy blocks...
My January block number is
FIVE finished!! 
(not bad towards my goal of one block a week, is it?).

I've pre-cut some natural muslin pieces for my block borders:
On my rotary cutting turntable
are some of my supplies...
small rotary cutter,
acrylic template,
a couple of English Paper Pieces pinned/centered
that are ready to baste,
and a couple of stacks of cut muslin honeycombs.
The stacks shown are enough for about 8 blocks.

I love Lucy...


  1. I was thinking you probably used the Inklingo software for your Lucy blocks but I see the paper pieces. I have that book and it is in the trunk of the car. I was going to donate it to a church thrift store but just couldn't let it go.

  2. Love your blocks. I have a couple made somewhere...need to look for them.

  3. applause, applause - your blocks are fabulous.

    Now you're 'Rocking' with Lucy. I love Lucy, too. :-)


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