Lucy Boston

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


* Snowy Days *
I wrote this yesterday afternoon, but had trouble posting it...
as there was a power outage... read on...

Another pretty, but cold week here
as another "Alberta Clipper" comes through central Ohio.
This is the fifth or sixth of these clippers in the last couple of weeks...
which equals a few inches of the white stuff every other day.
Not too bad,
except for when the snow hits during rush hour...

Oh, and when the snow hits AND the power goes out.
That's not good, either.
Having the power off just slows everything down...
like it's time for hibernating!
My brain must have started to hibernate with the coldness setting in,  
as there was the habitual
 flipping of the light switches
when going from room to room.
My brain knows that
the flipping of the switch will not restore power,
yet EVERY time - flip!

Of course, all of the things that I was preparing to do 
involved the use of electricity...
No pressing of the applique pieces...
No machine piecing...
The laundry ground to a halt.
As had the slow-cooker meal...
the slow cooker meal that was put on before the power outage.
With the power off, that SLOW cooker
takes on a new meaning of s-l-o-w.
Off to the fridge with it, to be put back on for another day.

So, guess what dinner was?
Those camp-fire, pie-iron-sandwich-like things... 
made in the coals of the wood stove fire!
You know - buttered bread, buttered side out, with marinara and cheese and anything else that has been pre-cooked that can go in...closing up the pie-iron crimps the edges tight, sealing in all the goodness...shove the iron into the coals - maybe half a minute then turn it over in the hot coals.  Remove from the fire and tap the ash from the iron, then open over a plate.
Hot and steamy goodness!
I haven't had these in quite a while,
and they sure were good,
my mouth was watering as I made them!
Dinner, though not as planned on a cold, snowy day...
then back to the lazy-girl chair with a quilt, candles and some hand stitching!

I think I like hibernation on snowy days!!!

the quilt shown above,
(pattern by Heart to Hand)
is a wool applique on cotton wall-quilt
that I have hanging on my kitchen door.
I made it last winter in February, and hand-quilted it.
Called it a finish!!
But I noticed when the lights/electric came back on
that I didn't finish quilting the top-right section...
Oh, well, I'll get it finished the next cold, snowy day!

Hope your stitching is going well!


  1. Love that quilt. I think I need to make something with snowmen for the winter months. We are pretty lucky here and hardly ever have power outages. It is amazing how we are so used to just flipping the switch and things happen.

  2. Love to read your posts. You have a way with words that is always worth reading. I notice you are from Galena Ohio. My daughter just moved to Findlay. Is that close-by? Hope your crockpot meal is still good.

  3. That does give you a good reason to get the hand quilting done. You could get a treadle machine. I just got one at a little auction in town and I have to tell you it is a lot of fun.

  4. You need a hand crank or treadle sewing machine. That and a battery powered light, and you are good to go. Pressing works with a seam roller, like they use for wall paper or wall seam paper.


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