Lucy Boston

Thursday, February 28, 2013

4 (too short) hours today

My Sally Post Garden blocks in project bag
Can you tell where I was?
Blue carpet, blue chairs,
little kids table with crayons....
Wait, does that nice tiled floor in the background
have a car on it? Corvette car at that!
If you've not guessed it...
car maintenance time.
Besides the routine maintenance, also a wheel bearing going.
Parts pick-up time included, only 4 hours wait time...
not bad.  I had packed for 8! 

Like any good quilter, I had my stitching with me.
Actually, I had THREE partial projects with me...
Sally, Lucy, and my Garden.
(: I know I over-packed, as usual,
 but just in case I somehow
got "Flash-speed-stitching" in my fingers today, I was prepared :)

You can see one of my Sally Post blocks in my project bag above...
I finished hand quilting that one,
and finished the binding on another.

I also spent some time with Lucy -
finishing up the center of another block:
center of block - Patchwork of the Crosses/Lucy Boston
Then, I did a little Berry stitching:
Gardener's Alphabet - "b" block
Though it was only four hours wait,
NOT the eight I had hoped packed for,
it sure was a nice way to spend
a snowy, windy last day of February.

Hope your February was nice, and productive, too!


  1. I'd have been stir crazy after TWO hours, and you WANTED more???!!! Way to make a positive from (an in my book) negative! And, love all the blocks.

  2. You made good use of otherwise wasted time. Waiting for car maintenance can be sooooo boring.

  3. Such a lovely project! May I ask what you used for the background fabric?

    1. Hopflower: the background fabric for my "Gardener's Alphabet" stitchery is by Andover/rene nanneman/Needle Love/Itsy Bits #3947- It's a cream with little tiny rows of green "2's". It reads as a light green fabric. I'm loving it for my coloring and stitching!


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