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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's week and I hope NOT a precursor

I'm still feeling like I'm in hibernation mode
from when my electricity was out last week.

Though the electricity was back on late that same evening,
I left many "things" off and enjoyed the quiet-
listening to the roaring fire in the wood stove and stitching away.

I did some relaxing hand stitching...
yes, hand-stitching IS relaxing to me.
I worked on:
my Lucy Boston honeycombs,
did some needle-turn applique on My Sally Post Garden blocks,
and put the binding on this little table quilt:
It finished 21 inches square, and is made of dark pinks and light reds scraps, with a little red/pink/checked binding.
As I had already had it put together, layered and quilted on the Sashiko machine before the power was out, I just had some hand-binding work to do.  (PS, I LOVE that Sashiko machine.)

But, I seem to have a reoccurring theme here...
now that I have taken the photo of it "finished",
I see that I don't have all of the quilting done!!!
The second diagonal quilting line within the heart (top, left)
is missing!!!
Aaakkk!!!  Just like my Snowy Days (last post) that I "finished" last year!!
Not really finished after all!!

Sure hope that even though
that's how the last couple of pics
I've shown as finishes-not-really-finished have been,
it's not a precursor
to how things are going to be
around here this year! :)
Guess I'll have to get on that, won't I?

Finished or not,
Happy Valentine's Week!

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