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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a couple more meanderings in thread

This past week I got to quilt a couple more
wonderful quilts for wonderful customers!

First up,
Louise has another great-granddaughter!!
So, of course, she made another beautiful baby quilt:
And here's another angle to show the little butterflies that I meandered:
(And for those who have inquired,
Yes, Louise's grand-daughter
who was hospitalized for early labor
is still on bed rest,
but no baby yet, 
so that's a great thing!)

Next up: Shirley.
Shirley called me with a quilting emergency!
Her quilt guild is doing a One Dollar UFO Challenge -
you put your UFOs on a list,
give your list in to the guild
& pay a dollar for each project on the list. 
Then, every other month
one of your listed UFOs is chosen to be finished. 
If you do finish, you get your dollar back.
Anyway, she said it's been a great incentive to tackle the UFOs
and so far she hasn't lost a dollar!
She didn't want this month to be the breaker,
but she would need a quick turn-around in the quilting time to make it.
Here's her quilt that was the 'emergency':
Isn't it a beautiful quilt?
Here's a close up of the fabrics:
Very nice quilts and it was a pleasure to meander over them!
These girls are so very productive!
Come to think of it,
Louise is also in the same guild as Shirley...
I don't know if she is doing this One Dollar UFO Challenge or not,
but, really, they are cranking out the finishes!

Though I don't think it's the loss of a dollar that is really the incentive,
maybe I should list some UFOs and pony up some one dollar bills!!!

Happy Tuesday
and hope you get the time to do a little Stitching!


  1. five quilts, five dollars, I'm in! Is that how it works? :)
    t in tx

  2. Hi, T in TX!
    Thanks for stopping by. And, I agree! I have more than five quilts/projects that I could put in! :)


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