Lucy Boston

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

snow day, again

Another day in early February,
another snow storm visiting!

Last night after sunset, the snow started falling...wet and heavy.
Eight inches, then some freezing rain, and today, more snow.

Today, we ended up under Level2 Snow Emergency,
with most schools and businesses closed,
and with 10 1/2 inches of the white stuff.

To celebrate today's new snow,
I made a quilt block
wait for it...
 Polar Vortex!
Thanks to designer Nancy,  of Blogging, Near Philadelphia
who put the block instructions and tutorial on her blog!
Isn't it a GREAT block?
I think I will make a few more and make a
snowy, Winter table runner.
The block finishes at 10 inches, which is apropos, don't you think?,
what with our new 10 1/2 inches of snow.
Finally, notice the stick off to the right of the block?
That's my new favorite quilting notion,
called the STRIP STICK and I picked it up a LQS.
My Review?
Thumbs Up!
It's flat bottomed, half-round on top & in a muslin sleeve.
You put it under your block seams (rounded side up)
when you press, and like magic,
the seams press open very easily. 
I especially like it for all of my small block pressing. 
It makes it so easy!
It's a great gadget to have on hand
and worth the $10 price.
And, no, I am not affiliated with or compensated in any way
for sharing this info, I just like it that it makes pressing seams easier.
Back to some stitching for me this evening.
And, if you visit Nancy's, Near Philadelphia blog, tell her I said HI!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I love that block, thanks for sharing the link. I saw the strip stick at a local shop and wondered about it. The one I saw was about a yard long and was more $, so there must also be a shorter one? I think I will go and make some 'snow'! t in tx

  2. I'm sick of snow, and we only got 6" this time. Over 58" so far this winter. Cute block.

  3. Snowflakes on your polar vortex. Good choice of fabric.

  4. great block and it does represent the winter very nicely.

  5. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!" Nice block. Can you make one for every snowflake? OK< OK, I'm dodging your snowballs.

  6. Beautiful block :) And that pressing tool looks interesting. Have to see if anyone here has it.


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