Lucy Boston

Thursday, February 27, 2014

another month, another Lucy share

My February was spent
  • watching the Olympics 
  • watching the accumulation of lots and lots of snow, and ice during our badder than bad weather
  • recouping from dental work/antibiotics that don't seem to agree with me
All in all, a pretty great month... and
that "down" time should have been conducive
to a whole lot 'o stitching and finishing some projects.
But, if that's what you've guessed, you'd be wrong.

I did not do a single redwork embroidery stitch the whole month,
and those Lucy Boston- 1 inch connecting squares
are never-ending, or so it seems.

I did do some stitching on my
Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses quilt:
February 2014
I'm about one third done connecting the blocks!!
(please excuse the little white, numbered squares that 
I've pinned on some blocks, used to designate block placement)
I now have 20 blocks sewn together -
so like in Olympics Hockey,
Though I've not finished a single project this month,
I did meet my monthly goal of stitching Lucy Boston blocks together.

for those who have questioned/emailed about my methods of making Lucy,
I'm putting together a post on what worked best for me during my year of playing with fabrics, fussy-cutting and English paper piecing.


  1. Your Lucy Boston quilt is going to be absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I'd say you had a fantastic "Lucy" month. I hope you bring Lucy with you to Colleen's. I have not achieved any stitching whatsoever this year!

  3. Your Lucy blocks are amazing! And how smart to set monthly goals for the Lucy's! I'm may steal your idea!

  4. The LB quilt is looking so lovely Debra. I have been following you with much interest. I have started my blocks and have quite a few people from the group that I go to very interested to do it.So easy to take to the patchwork day when you don't want to carry a machine for sewing.Sometimes I will spend a couple of hours preparing the papers to carry in a bag all ready.Your blocks look amazing. Look forward to your post as to how you carried out your process. ShirleyN.Z.

    1. Shirley - Thanks so much for the nice compliment! I'm glad you are starting yours, too. And it's so addictive, and as you've found, easy to travel with. When others see yours they will want to start too!!
      I was wondering if you found all of your supplies? And, soon, I'll have my way of attacking/planning to share, promise!

  5. Your blocks are just gorgeous, and I love how they looked with the squares. Are you coming to Shipshe next month?


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