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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Olympics are coming, the Olympics are coming! Olympic Hand-Stitching is planned!

Are you as bad as I am?
When the Olympics are on,
are you also glued to the television broadcasts?

One good thing about all of this Olympic viewing
is that I do my hand-stitching while watching...

Plying needle and thread to the music of ice skating.
Whip-stitching to snow boarding and down-hill skiing.
Appliqueing to jumping and racing.

So, this week I'm preparing...
readying to do some major, Olympic hand-stitching!

I have stacks of  'Lucy' ready:
  • pre-cut connecting squares and one-inch square Paper Pieces
  • pre-cut muslin honeycombs and Paper Pieces
  • two new spools of hand quilting threads for whip-stitching my paper-pieces...ecru for the muslins, light brown for any colored pieces
  • the acrylic 'Lucy' templates
  • also, my favorite serrated-edge scissors, thimble, and pink-turntable cutting mat
I have a basket of Red-work prepped, too:
  • collection of Cosmo threads
  • designs traced onto fabric and crayon-tinting done
  • hoop, needle and thimble at the ready
I really enjoy watching the Olympic athletes from around the world compete.
So much so,

that I have trouble making myself go to bed while they are on.
So, for the whole time the Olympics are being broadcast,
I'm watching.   Staying up too late.  Recording.  And watching.

In the past,
after watching hours of Olympic competitions
and stitching for too many hours,
this is what I've looked like:

And I'm sure I will again this year :)

Happy Olympic Stitching!!!


  1. looks like you are ready!! I enjoy watching the olympics too, but don't usually get much stitching done the whole two weeks or so. t in tx

  2. Let the olympics beging. Hanne and I have already had our training camps and prepared a lot of sewing. Sadly I have to work full week, but when the evening comes I am glued to the tv.

  3. WOW! that is a whole lotta little blue squares. Good luck to your english paper piecing 'team'!


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