Lucy Boston

Friday, February 21, 2014

oopsy-Lucy smiles

Like I don't already have enough
of those little one inch squares to stitch,
this is what happens
when you are watching the Olympics more
than paying much attention to your stitching:
Oopsy!  I just kept going with my needle and thread
and made that wad of Lucy blocks
(centered in the picture).
Even though I had to take the time to do some unstitching,
then some re-stitching,
it did make me laugh.
More Olympic competitions to watch tonight
and hopefully,
I pay a little more attention to where
 my needle and thread are going. 

Are you Olympic stitching, too?


  1. The first week I stitched during commercials, this week, I'm reading blogs during commercials. I just can't get into stitching this week (at all) for some reason. Oh well.

  2. The oops do happen and funny how we don't notice them until later. I made a mini once and didn't notice the oops until it was photographed years later. Love that little quilt.

  3. Oh, I've done the silly sewing too - like wrong side up fabric in blocks happens a lot. I used to take all the backwards things out. Now I mostly leave them in:). It adds character! I haven't sewn much during this olympics though I don't know why.


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