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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Merlot! Pinot! Moscato!

Merlot, Pinot, Moscato...
am I the only one who thinks that
the names of types of wines sound like cussin'?

Wine, wine, wine
(really, whine, whine, whine).
Yes, please, I'd like some cheese with that.

Two weeks ago
my tooth extraction went well -
 I guess, as well as any tooth pulling can go.
the molar in question, years ago, had had a crown,
then a root canal. 
Then the crown came off & took a part of the remaining tooth shell along with it.
Lately, just for fun, it became abscessed. 
And, to top that off, I have a sensitivity to the 'caine' family of drugs,
so I get to 'sleep' during major dental procedures. 
By the way - when you awaken from this 'sleep',
you KNOW exactly,
what was happening in that dental chair.
For days.

So, a little more
wine whine from me:
Shiraz! and Cabernet!

Yep, you guessed it:
now there is a whopper of an infection.
 Sauvignon!     Chardonnay!     Riesling!

And, finally,
the antibiotics are now causing 'issues'.
Zinfandel, anyone?

OK, that's enough  feeling sorry for myself
(and 'cussing' err, wine-ing whining).
I'll go back to talking about the weather.
There's another Winter storm hitting the U.S.-
another blast from the Polar Vortex.
Although there is another winter blast today,
this time I'm talking quilt blocks by the same name.
I've ended up making five Polar Vortex blocks,
all with different snowy fabrics, 
and they are almost a runner. 
I think another border and it will be time to layer and quilt.
(the block pattern was HERE: Nancy/Blogging, near Philadelphia
Thanks, again, Nancy!)
Not much to show for a week, but better than nothing. 
I'll sure be glad when I'm back up to speed. 
And off the wine/whine. :)

Hope everyone is safe and warm during the latest Winter storm.
I'm off to get some white cheddar! :)
Happy Stitching!


  1. I KNOW THE FEELING - I'll take the Shiraz and cheese also please!

  2. I think you need a little smoked gouda with that merlot. I have nightmares from sitting in the dental chair. The Polar Vortex blocks are great! Stay warm and get better quickly!

  3. sometimes it sure feels like when it snows it blizzards. I'd recommend a nice Moscato with your cheddar -sharp is best. and now that you mentioined it, i do think that wine names sound foul :) t in tx. ps - love the runner with those snow fabrics!

  4. Sorry for your pain, but, thanks for the laughs! Moscato!

  5. OH, that does not sound fun at all but your runner sure does look pretty.

  6. Not Fun At All!!! I sure hope things settle down in the PaiN category, and the weather, too. Good job at the quilt blocks, those will be a beautiful runner!
    Thanks for tracking me down, I sure like your BOM ~

  7. OUCH!!! Well I can wine (whine) with the best of them and I feel your pain. You did get a finish. Great table
    runner. However, I did expect it to wrap around the world with a block for every snowflake. ;-D Ducking the snowballs again or in today's case ice balls. OUCH!!!!!


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