Lucy Boston

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

as usual...

Looking back
on the last couple of weeks before Christmas:

the tree was sitting naked in the living room,
the kitchen cupboard was covered with baking & candy making supplies,
and the house needed a good cleaning.
Oh, and on the Eve of Christmas,
there was a burst water pipe in the the kitchen, just for fun!

Fast forward to the 30th of December - today:
The tree did get strands of lights, cranberries, and popcorn - it was beautiful - and without ornaments.
The baking & candy supplies got pushed to the pantry - I'm thinking now Valentine candies.
The grandchildren were over frequently (I can't believe how much they have grown during the year) -
there was lots of fun accomplished 
and we did finish our 'this year ornament'.

There were three wonderful family gatherings.
There was a baptism for SIX children!!
Sometime in there, a quilting friend came to visit for the day.
AND - I received a new kitchen faucet and plumbing!

No worries or stress though.
(Well, maybe just a little stress when the water was running from under the kitchen sink 
all over the floor while I was preparing for the annual Christmas Eve Feast!
The kitchen floor, with it's flood of leaking water, had it's best cleaning in quite a while, and I'm thankful that it happened when I was home.)
My usual thinking is that things will get done when they do.
And if the don't, that's OK.
Spending time with family and friends is what counts in my book.
And THAT has been happening!

On the quilting-friend front:
This quilting friend and I have an annual
Christmas tradition of going out for lunch together. 
But we decided to change it up a little this year. 
Instead of going out somewhere for food,
she picked up carry-out and came for a visit and some sewing.
A whole 8 hours of visiting occurred,
and some sewing was accomplished. :)
It was a wonderful change of pace
without all the surrounding distractions in a restaurant,
one we think we'll make a new tradition.

Also as usual, 
the end of another year quickly approaches.

I am so thankful for:
family & friends
opportunities & traditions 
blessings & trials.
2015 New Year Quotes Wishes
I wish each of you a safe & wonderful end to 2014
and a 2015 filled with everything you could hope for and more!  
And to my quilt-y friends:

Happy Stitching!, 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas . The time spent with family and friends makes it all worthwhile. Happy New Year!

  2. I like the new tradition and have a Wonderful New Year with lots of quilting and visiting.


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