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Monday, December 8, 2014

wonderful Monday

I love my stash of fabrics and wools and threads and bits of this and that...
but, I've decided that I have too much stuff. 
Stuff that I will n.e.v.e.r., e.v.e.r. possibly use in my lifetime 
even if I did nothing other than stitch and create non-stop. 
So, with that in mind, when a friend recently said she was looking for some wool scraps to try her hand at wool applique, I shared my abundance of wool scraps with her.
It felt liberating , cutting chunks of wool off and bundling them off to Norway.

Now, today, I open an envelope from that friend from Norway...
and there is a beautiful thank you gift for me!
Some chocolates, a pincushion, and the most beautiful little hand-work bag!!!
The fabrics are yummy (the lining fabric I searched all over for and never found it available!) and the bag is so professionally made.  Even the little sentiments that she stitched on the other side of the bag (below) are just wonderful! 
The little sentiments - 'Make Life Fun' and 'Make Life Beautiful' are from the fabric that May Britt used for the lining.  I looked all over for this 'wordy' fabric and found none.  And she used it unknowingly that it was one of my favorites!! 
I love, love, love these very unnecessary thank you gifts!  So very thoughtful, and I will treasure them.  Except for the chocolate - which has since been nibbled down to half :)
I will think of my friend every time I use the bag and pincushion.
So very nice and SO unexpected.

Near and far, I have wonderful friends. 
I am so thankful for my friends!

Happy Monday to all!!

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