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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Last week, right after Thanksgiving, 
we (Sweetie and I) drove down to the magical world of the mouse...
(we met Sonny-boy and his family there).

On the way down, we saw a large road sign that said
"Don't be a Turkey.  Don't text and drive".
It made me smile, but I didn't get a picture taken.
So heading back home, through Georgia and Tennessee, 
I had my camera ready.
Well, the Turkey/text sign was gone.
But in it's place was another funny...
I know there's a whole lot going on in the picture below, 
but check out the 'Eyes on the Road' sign:
It made me laugh out loud.  
Someone with the interstate highway signage department has a sense of humor.
And, no, I wasn't driving, but took this picture from the passenger side. :)

And, here's a picture of a magical mouse moment:
Even the little guy was awake for this one!  We joked with Sweetie that he doesn't look very happy with 'his' balloon.  Personally, I think he may have been thinking of $$$ not the balloon he was holding. :)

I'm off to quilt another customer quilt that's going to be a Christmas gift!
Hope your day is wonderful, too!

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