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Sunday, December 21, 2014

burning the midnight oil aka Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice is today.
A time of celebration -
welcoming in the season of Winter!
Since there is no snow outside, and I'm missing it,
I took a couple of pics of one of my favorite snowy wall hangings.
 (Snowy Days pattern by Heart to Hand)
I made it a few years ago (maybe 2011?) with wool on cotton, 
and hand appliqued it.
Then I hand-quilted, using not only cotton quilting thread, but wool yarn to add some big stitch quilting.  Isn't it just a great pattern?  Especially to show on the day of the Winter Solstice?

Here in the northern hemisphere,
Winter Solstice means it's the shortest day of the year.
BUT, that also means it's the longest night of the year!
So I'll be burning the midnight oil
(do people still know what that means?)
working on my commissioned quilt project.
My goal is to get this quilt to the point 
that I can put it on the long-arm machine today.
Maybe even start the quilting, 
so I can bind it tomorrow and deliver it Tuesday!
Yep, burning the midnight oil, for sure!
How are you doing on your holiday preparations?

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!


  1. I like almost any quilt with snowmen on it. Nice piece!

  2. Happy winter! the season of quilting.
    Love your wool piece - those snowmen are so cute!


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