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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy igloo conditions/St. Valentine's weekend, and the steaks

Just a few things happening here this past week...
There's a horrendous sinus/virus thing going around.
Down and out for a good week+ is not fun.
I decided it was time to visit the doc...

I did a little stitching while awaiting my doctor visit;
I stitched the three green leaves in the hoop:
Gardener's Alphabet block, pattern by Crabapple Hill
Pretty pathetic week of stitching accomplishments, huh?

Now that I'm on the mend, 
last night I cooked a nice Valentine's dinner for Sweetie and me.
Steaks, loaded baked potatoes, broccoli, green salad.
It was a wonderful dinner!, 
but, there's a story behind the steaks:
After the doc appointment, I stopped to pick up my prescription and just a few groceries...

It was busy in the store,
as the weathermen were again predicting more igloo/ice conditions.
There were frenzied shoppers everywhere
and stock-carts/workers everywhere to fill the shelves.
Half of the time, I just left my cart at the end of an isle and went and grabbed what I wanted, heading back to the cart with my few items.
I had a small cart, just partially filled, 
including the $4 prescription for the sinusitis.
Because it was so crazy busy,
I hurried through the 
check out/scanning/bagging/swiping my card process.
On the drive home I thought my total for the groceries was high.
Higher than it should have been.
I made it back home, safely, before the igloos attacked.
I'm un-bagging my groceries,
and find a $25.00 package of two, REALLY nice steaks...
steaks that I did not put into my shopping cart!

Yes, I had just scanned and double-plastic-bagged 
the not-my-steak package
at the self-checkout in the grocery.
I was in a hurry, my head was getting that pressurized/barometric/going-to-explode feeling again,
and evidently I didn't pay attention to what I was scanning/bagging.

So as I stand in the middle of my kitchen,
holding the $25 steaks that are not mine,
I think, sadly, that:
'Oh, someone accidentally put their steaks into my cart.
They are going to be so disappointed when they get home and
they don't have their dinner.'
Then, my head pounds and I think:
'Stop feeling sorry for the person who's out their dinner!!'
'I just paid $25.00!!! for steaks I didn't choose/want!

They did look like good steaks, so I decided to be positive -
I had antibiotics, AND
I now had my meal plan for Valentine's dinner -
four days early!!  Even with an about to explode head.

So after putting away the remaining groceries
(without finding any more surprises),
I take the first of the horse-pill-sized antibiotics, 
and check my social media stuff...

Guess what a friend has on facebook?
(btw - said friend lives a good hour and a half away in good weather)
She has posted this cute little saying that reads:

You're never too old
to throw random stuff
into people's shopping carts
when they aren't looking.

I. Am. NOT. Joking.

Isn't that hilarious?  So coincidental!!
She is exactly that ornery, and if she didn't live so far away, I'd blame her.  She swears she was not anywhere close to my area, and roads were bad enough that I'm sure she wasn't near.
It still makes me laugh.

So, the end of today's story is that
  1. It is igloo cold here, but only a handful of inches of new snow for Valentine's day.
  2. The antibiotics are starting to work
  3. The steaks were excellent.
  4. I hope your Valentine's weekend is wonderful.


  1. Thanks for a great chuckle on a very cold day here!!

  2. what a funny story!! How funny.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    In the end steaks sound wonderful for Valentines dinner.

  3. That is a GREAT story and too funny. It's good to hear that you are on the mend. Hope temperatures start rising for you.

  4. That is just too funny! I'm happy to hear you are on the "mend" and that your dinner was delicious. It's hard not to believe in fate isn't it? Love your stitching project.

  5. Steaks are so expensive. We don't have them often.


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