Lucy Boston

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

meandering an owl...

Record-setting negative 24 degrees here last night!  Brrr.
That was without windchill.  
Glad I could stay in and do some
meandering to keep warm.

Jackie had asked me to quilt her 
gray and white, 36-inch, one block, baby quilt...
preferably with some owl motifs.
After some mulling and sketching,
I came up with an owl
 and some pines
Another view of the owl in the pines:
and the whole quilt:
Since she had one large block for her quilt,
I decided one large quilting design would be appropriate.
I sketched and trimmed and re-sketched,
and came up with my beginning templates: 
Top template is my owl design; 
bottom template is my eye and wing placement guide.
The owl is about 18 inches tall and the pine boughs are in the 8- to 9-inch wide range.
The quilting is all (my) hand-guided, 
mostly done in the continual line style, 
not crossing over previous stitching lines.
Although the entire quilt was only 36 inches square, 
it took a little more time than I thought it would, 
but it was a fun one to do.

She loved the finish, as did I, 
so I've saved my sketches/templates, 
as I may just use this quilting design again.

Thanks for visiting, 
and if you are also in the cold zone,
I hope you are staying warm during this Polar chill.


  1. It's did a great job on it! :0)

  2. The owl is cool! I could do that with hand quilting (I don't free motion quilt worth a darn).

  3. No offense to the piecer, but your quilting really "makes" the quilt. It is spectacular. Super job. Stay warm - you're colder than we are today. It is going to be nearly 30 today!!

  4. Wonderful quilting. It really accents the little quilt.


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