Lucy Boston

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I have mail!!

And not the electronic kind!!
Why is it so exciting to get mail?
Even at my age!

I signed up for a fabric postcard swap,
and though I don't have the cards I'm sending 
to the finished/mailing stage yet,
I have recently received a few postcards from friends world-wide...
Cards from quilty friends:
Caroline in Belgium, Sherry in Texas, and Susanne in New York.
Aren't they beautiful??! and very Spring-y!  
Can you tell everyone is wishing for some warmer weather? :)

Here in central Ohio we have another 
Winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow...
the warning is for high accumulations of snow and strong winds.
I'm ready for another snow day with another slow-cooker full of soup simmering and the wood stove blazing.
Also, the grandkids are coming over for sledding -
sounds like a great way to celebrate the end of February!

Happy end of February to you also,
and Happy Stitching!


  1. What cute cards! Sorry about the snow. Thank goodness, we will only wind up with an inch or less. I'm ready for garage sale weather.

  2. What sweet little cards. And, what a great idea to swap. Hope your storm was minimal.

  3. fun! cute postcards!! Hope the kids had fun.


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