Lucy Boston

Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm a glass half-full type of gal

Learned something last week...
no matter how positive you are, 
you positively cannot keep away the flu
by being positive that you won't get it.   :)

The only thing I did during the flu-time-out
that was quilting related
was in a moment of weakness, 
I clicked and ordered some fabric:

That's a picture to brighten a cold, Winter day!
All because I saw the one of the far left - the white with pink text!!
Really cute, don't you think?

Because I was under the weather, 
(yes, that's my story and I'm sticking with it),
I was blog browsing & came across 
a block tutorial with an upcoming sew-along.  
(Imagine that, she says sarcastically.)
I immediately fell in love with the stack of fabrics 
that Lori (of Bee in My Bonnet fame) was using.

If you've read my blog for even a short amount of time,
you probably know that I'm a sucker for text-y print fabrics...
And sure enough, I was sucked in by 
that pink, texty-garden print
and the bottom/center pink bees.
But in my flu-addled mind, NO, I didn't stop there!
I added some of the green-text and large floral.
And just for fun added fat quarters from the same line...
Flower Patch by Lori Holt/Bee In My Bonnet.

Then I added:
the large bumble bee (Bumble by TulaPink)
and below that, the gray garden print 
(Hawthorne Threads, Norwegian Wood, Thicket, in Stone),
the pink with states text (Cotton&Steel/Hatbox, All the States in Pink),
and the herbs in white/green (Windham/Cooking Italiano).

Now that the flu has passed, 
and those weaknesses are over
it's back to my usual glass half-full attitude and some stitching!
And to decide whether or not I'm joining in on the
Sew Along with Lori. :)

You can jump to Lori's block tutorial and Sew Along info by clicking here.
You know you want to!

Happy last week of February!


  1. None of us need an excuse for buying fabric, but I do love yours! Glad to hear you are on the mend and that you now have a bit of spring to inspire you.

  2. I had not seen the block design for the sew-along. A person could use lots of scrap pieces or a selection of purchased fabrics for it. We love to shop for fabric!


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