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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution part 6

I am completely out of order on my flag blocks for this Sew Along!

I had already stitched the flag with the blue ground/13 appliqued stars, that I think was really 'due' this month...
Because it was already done, 
I went ahead and stitched this block this month:
(it is 'assigned' for next month, so I'm ahead again! :)
I laid out my blocks:
I'm still auditioning colors: the center medallion is laid in, unfinished, 
as I've not chosen reds for those corners.  
The block directly below that 
with the chunk of red fabric on the cream, unpressed fabric -
that's the missed block from months ago.
So besides my 'signature' block, I found that I still need to make 
a striped flag with blue ground and circle of stars 
(that gets placed toward the bottom, center).  
That means I'm behind again... :)

Because I'd decided to individually finish and quilt each block
in the Hot Pad* or Pot Holder* method,
I've been working towards that quilt-the-blocks-goal,
so here are a few pictures of my blocks in quilt-y progress:
Knife-edge finished blocks pinned together awaiting whip-stitching.
Did you notice the safety pins in the above four pictures, 
holding the block corners to the other blocks?
That's how I pin to position the finished blocks- 
so they are ready to pick up and whip-stitch together
whenever I have a little stitching time.

* Hot Pad/Pot Holder quilt method:  if you'd like more info on this method,
I've shared previously and you can read about it HERE, and HERE.

I'm linking with Lori, of Humble Quilts; 
she has pictures/links to other participants in the sew-along if you'd like to see their progress, too.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy Winter Stitching!


  1. Have you decided to do your first and last name on the signature block? I remember you were trying to decide on a layout of your name.

  2. Wow! It'so incredible. The potholder method? That's new to me!

  3. It is so smart to audition fabrics so carefully (ahem, I didn't do that). I will be so interested in how your quilt looks and drapes once you've finished whip stitching! I am currently reading Pam Weeks' book Civil War Quilts and she explains the pot holder method - I am so intrigued!!

  4. I LOVE it!! I had no idea you were doing this in the potholder method. I thought the star blocks were for a different quilt. I can't wait to see it finished. I'm looking forward to seeing the back too. Did you use the same fabrics for each or do they have different backings? LOVE it!

  5. Nice job. I, too, am interested in seeing your finish using the potholder ethos.


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