Lucy Boston

Saturday, July 4, 2015

parade, ice creams, and stitching

Happy Independence Day America!!

I didn't get out all of my patriotic decor this year, 
but I did pull out a couple of pillows and quilts to throw on the couch:
 The pillow that I made years ago from an old and faded, red woolen blanket.
This morning, Sweetie and I will head north a few miles 
to attend our local village's Americana celebration.

Sweetie always finds a place to park 
so that we HAVE to walk past one of the local churches' 
homemade ice cream fundraising-stand.
He eats his ice cream as we head to 'our corner' - 
the traditional place where we stand to visit with 
neighbors and extended family that are
gathered along the main streets of the village... 
awaiting the parade.
Our parade is usually about an hour-long...
with bands, bicyclists, 4-H clubs, youth groups,
multiple township's fire equipment, 
politicians, business floats,
horses, antique vehicles and antique tractors.
Rain or shine!,
a little piece of Americana in our little part of the country. 

Afterwards, we will (OF COURSE)
walk back past the homemade ice cream stand
for Sweetie's second serving before
heading home for our own picnic lunch.

This year, Sweetie has to go to work 
(his turn to cover an event from 2 to 11 p.m.)
and I'm planning (and so looking forward to) 
a nice, quiet day -
just sewing and stitching!! YAY!!!

One of the hand sewing projects I'm planning on attacking is this:
my Flags of the American Revolution quilt.
I made these quilt blocks in the Hot Pad or Pot Holder style (where each individual flag is a mini quilt), and I have them about half whip-stitched together.
Every time I have it laid out, 
I think it looks unfinished - like it still needs borders...

What do you think? 
Does it need borders added?  (I'd appreciate your input.)
Since each block is already individually quilted, 
they would have to be border 'blocks'
(which is doable and I already have the fabric)

I hope your holiday weekend is safe, relaxing,
and wonderful!!
With homemade ice cream and/or stitching time!! :)


  1. I drove hubby's barbershop chorus in our local parade. No ice cream stands, unfortunately.

  2. Love that patriotic pillow. The faded red wool.....a perfect choice.


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