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Thursday, October 1, 2009

bad, bad, bad

First off...........Happy first day of October!  Whew, it came in on the cold side, didn't it?
That's me... yesterday..... bad, just bad.  I did a few errands yesterday.  One of the errands was to pick up some fabric for a project for my momma for her birthday  (I can't show you yet, 'cause she might see it here.  At least I hope she follows my blog, that's one of the things momma do, isn't it?). 
Her birthday is only a month away, and she lives out of state, and THIS year I promised myself I would be better and do something and have it ready and mailed before the last minute. 

I had something in mind, knew where to find it,
went with a list, of course, and came home with:
exactly what I had in mind for my momma,
and I also came home with this: 
See this large group of nicely folded homespuns and flannels?  Maybe a yard, yard and a half of it will be used in conjunction with the above mentioned project.  The rest............bad, bad, bad.
So here comes the rationale..........
I have signed up for
a block of the month group
with a great group of gals
at my LQS. 
It meets
the last Thursday
of the month, for a year
starting this October.
And because they meet once a month
it helps me keep my act in gear and keep close
to the monthly deadlines.
This year, the project is
Sweet Land of Liberty
by Cheri Payne
There is machine piecing, wool and cotton applique, some hand embroidery and it looks like fun! 
But, this is not my usual cup-o-quilt-tea
and I NEEDED more homespuns and flannels
to get started on this.
Doesn't the new group of fabrics
so look like they were made for this quilt?
So, I already have a lot of my fabrics ready for this NOW;
I am ahead of the game by a month!!!..........and all except for two pieces, were 30 or 40% off.  Yippy!
Still..............bad, just bad, reasoned to justification! 
I also quilted yesterday and today:

Sorry, must need to clean my
glasses, this didn't look fuzzy when
I took it.

But here's a close-up of the quilting
and it's not so fuzzy!

And, another quilt done:

These were both block of the month samplers
that were on a to-do list.
Aren't they pretty? Great colors.

Yea! off Patty's list and now off my list!
Well, I'm off,
hope you get to stitch a little today, too.

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