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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilting and food

Back to Ohio weather - I'm lovin' it! 
A little quilting today -

Great colors. 
 I don't know the pattern.

I had the wood stove going and got a quilt done, so decided to cook something that sounded like it would go with the 50 degree weather we were having. 

So, I made homemade egg noodles with chicken!,  with smashed potatoes and green beans.  How good does that sound?

A couple eggs, a couple of tablespoons of water, salt if you'd like and two cups of flour.  Stir together until combined. 
Turn onto floured counter and knead a few times to work in some flour and until it is still soft, but not sticky. 

Roll out thinly and let dry for a few hours if you have time.  If you don't have time to let them dry, rub well with flour and cut into noodles. 

I have a nice wooden, grooved-carved rolling pin made to cut noodles.  It works well with semi-dry noodles that can dry even more and then break apart on the rolled lines.  These noodles weren't dry enough and I didn't have time to wait to let them dry.   The other cutter pictured (with the green handle) is probably old enough to be classified as semi-antique.  It has rolling wheels like a pizza cutter.  I didn't use it though 'cause I wanted wider noodles.  But it's very efficient at cutting many small noodles.

I used this big ole hunkin' knife, because I already had it out to chop my carrots and celery.
Anyway, quarter, stack and cut into smaller pieces for re-stacking, then slice into noodles.  Mine are really random.  Random on purpose, not because I was in a hurry!  Believe that?  I have some really nice swamp land to sell you!
Bring 32 oz. of chicken broth and 16 oz. water to boil. 
Add 2 cups finely chopped carrots and 1 cup finely chopped celery.  These were very random in size also. 

Boil for five minutes.  Drop in noodles and stir frequently and continue cooking on medium for 10 minutes.  I added about one and a half cups of cooked, shredded chicken.  While this was cooking I finely chopped 3 large potatoes , not peeled, and boiled them in a seperate pan.    Boil until tender and drain the water.  Pour in some milk and warm the milk, then smash the potatoes.  I hand smash my potatoes, so the very nice 70's orange thingy is my hand smasher.  I added some sea salt and butter at the end. 
(If the noodles are a little thick, add some of the water from the green beans- more vitamins!.)


Dinner:  chicken & noodles over smashed potatoes with green beans.

Even better, as I got out and used my fall fine "china".   And, yes the plate is messy, 'cause I thought I was starving and dished it up, quick as I could.  Sorry I didn't do the presentation wipe around the edges.  Not so pretty, but sure scrumptious!

And, there's enough left over for tomorrow night.   Yea!

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