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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Fat Pig

I just had a call from my brother and he has an extra pig to send to market, so I told him yes, I'm in if no one else wants it.  It will go in to be butchered sometime late in the month, so I need to do some reducing in the freezer department...I need to do that anyway, pig or no pig. 
But, that made me think of the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme:
"To Market, To Market, to buy a Fat Pig".
Now, the Fat Pig is taken care of, and I'm singing and dancing around, 'cause, wait for it....
I get to go "To Market, To Market!!!" 
No, not the butcher shop, but Texas!!!
Yep, I'm off to Houston for a few days.  For the Quilt Market!  To Market - can't believe how excited I am.  I was going to try to work in this post about "leavin', on a jet plane", but that was too slow.  I like the "To Market, To Market!!!  It goes better with my singing and dancing around!

Hopefully I'll have some pics and new stuff to show when I get back.  *still singing and dancing around*
I really want to see in person that new line by French General - Rouenneries.   I keep seeing sneak peeks of it in different designs by different designers.  Check out Lynette Andersons' blog, she even had some to work with in Austrailia and has a new pattern to go with-beautiful!  And Lecien Company has a new Cosmo thread that is two strand and would be great for redwork, I think.  And I have seen quite a few new patterns by different folks that look very promising. 

Hopefully, I won't see a fat pig at market as it really is the wrong type of "market" for THAT and, already have one of those coming!

OH.... almost forgot, catering another home Ohio State tailgate party before I leave:

 I guess I just have the extra time, ha ha! 
See that stamp on that Wear-Ever pan in the left pic?
Yes, that says 20 quarts......
Now, see the pic on the right? Yes, that is about 18 quarts full.  (You know chili is best if it's cooked a couple of days ahead, right?)  Also a whole buncha/bagga cooked elbow pasta (some Ohio folks like to throw a little more starch in their bowl of chili for some reason).  Then in front of the chili and pasta, is the corn bread.  One pan of regular corn bread, one pan of jalapeno corn bread.  I also grated about 4 pounds of sharp cheddar cheese and minced 3 large sweet onions.  Both the cheese and onions get liberally sprinkled on top of your bowl of chili if you know what you're doing!  Then a couple of shakes of hot sauce on top of that, and Yum, Yum, tailgate food ready!

Later, I mean, see you when I'm:

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig! *still dancing*
Life is Good!


  1. Wow! Have a great time (I know you will). Even when I lived in Dallas I didn't have much desire to be around crowds that huge.

    It's definitely chili weather. I've never heard of the macaroni.

  2. Have fun at market! Take tons of pictures to share when you return!

  3. Didn't get this approved by me! Have a good time anyway!! Your sister


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