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Saturday, October 17, 2009

weird things

Do you ever see something and instinctively think:  "weird". 
Do you ever have that millisecond pause when you know something is out of whack, but don't really know what it is?
Or does it take a real mental smack up the side of the head to get you to notice something that is out of the ordinary?

I am the type of personality that would probably be classified as
"weird,.... noticing weird things"!
That is a REAL classification, by the way!
And so, besides BEING weird, I also enjoy taking pictures of the uncommon
(uncommon sounds nicer than weird) things. 
I will leave to my children some day 
a very, very large box of pictures classified as: just weird.
Or maybe the label on the box will say:  "things that made me smile".
The kids will just shake their heads and then hopefully smile, knowing that that was their momma.
Momma:  The weird thing picture taker and collector of weird things, who liked to smile. 
I always have wondered if this was hereditary. 
Someplace, somewhere in my lineage
was there another person that collected all things weird?
If there was, they didn't admit to it, as I have found nothing in diaries, or stories, not even pictures. 
Is this something that I can pass to my children and their children?
I have decided that I hope it CAN be passed along.  
All the weirdness shouldn't be ignored. 
 It should be used for good.  It should make you smile!
Like this picture. 
Columbus, Ohio, Summer 2009.

What does that make you think? 
Large plastic monkey convention?
Hear no, speak no, see no evil?
And wouldn't you love that job?  To drive these down the road, town to town. 
Now hopefully, that's a smiling job!
Then there's this:
See this coming up behind our car?

What does that look like?
I believe this was in the Chicago area, a couple of years ago.
The Jetson's have moved to the neighborhood?
A pod on wheels....with flags????
So I purposely moved to the center lane and s-l-o-w-e-d down
(you have to sometimes help the situation for correct picture taking oportunities!).
And this is what came up beside our car:

The Kissmobile !!!
I always wondered if there was a Kissmobile, didn't you? 
How do you suppose you get the job of driving this. 
Do you have to have a love for chocolate, or for kisses, or both? 
Is there a special driving test and classification for your license: Kiss Mobile certified?
And if you do drive it around, every time you stop, do random people ask you for kisses???
I would TOTALLY drive this everywhere.  Wonder what the mpg is.

It even looks cute driving away!!!

The next smile picture was seen at a local metro park. 
One summer afternoon, strolling the beautiful, rolling terrain, I went around the corner, out of the woods, and came to the meadow
to see this:

Notice the size compared to the trees.  Gi-normous!  And there was a whole family of them!
I supppose if you were weak in constitution, they may have been able to cause nightmares, but really, totally friendly.

Then, there are people who make me smile.
I always wonder if they do it on purpose or just have the same creative weirdness as me.
Look closely at the following:

That's all cut and stacked wood.  Stacked to look like a tree.  Isn't that great?
I want to do that next time I have wood to split and stack!!!
I must be building a reputation, 'cause, now I get friends of friends who will send me pictures of things.  Weird things.  
Uncommon things.  Even quilty, uncommon things.
Like this: 

This was taken out in Oregon, I believe.  And was sent through at least three people I don't know before it was sent to someone I do know, who sent it to me.  For my collection!
Is that good or bad that now the weirdness is coming to me from people I don't know?
And then there is this:

King Kong now has his own football team?
The King Kong that is from Ohio, as that uniform is in Ohio State colors?
This was taken at Polaris Parkway and US 71, north of Columbus.  It was only there about a week, then disappeared.  How could something that size just disappear?  Do you think he's on a "traveling" team, and is now appearing across the whole state?
Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Next up:  hot dogs:

This Oscar Meyer dog was recently at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.
I don't know why it would be there in the historical village, but it was.  Parked in the grass beside a tent that was handing out info about the fair.  And as you can see, there were 4 chairs set up right beside it.  Do you think there was to be a weiner performance and not very many people were expected to attend? 
I wonder if this is the same weinermobile that has been around awhile. 
I remember when I was a little gal that somewhere, we, as a family, came across this vehicle at an event.  The nice weinermobile people gave me a little weiner whistle on a string necklace.  (This was before kids knew they could swallow little metal things and choke or, twist the string necklace tight enough to cause damage.)  I know, a weiner whistle sounds weird, and it was/is.  But I remembered the Oscar Meyer brand from that day forward!  I could even whistle the Oscar Meyer song... b-o-l-o-g-n-a.
(but notice that I don't remember where I saw this!)
And my list of weirdness that makes me smile just goes on and on.
Perhaps I'll share weirdness again one day.
Hope your day is a weird, smiling one!
Thanks for stopping by!

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