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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Taste of Home Cooking show and more quilting

This weekend in Columbus the Taste of Home Magazine held their cooking school, and I was able to attend with a couple of friends, Diane, and Ms. Vonnie.  Ms. Vonnie is a local field agent for Taste of Home Magazine.  That means that she gets to send in recipes and .... she has been "published" in the Taste of Home magazine and one of the annual cookbooks!   So, Ms. Vonnie was asked to help out when the show was in town and was given a ticket for herself and an extra for a friend - me!  The show was great,
 Ms. Vonnie looked great and did a wonderful job rolling out dough and helping to making a breakfast apple twist up on stage. 
She said she was a little nervous, but you couldn't tell at all. 
In the pictures above that's Cheryl, the hostess, on the left
and Ms. Vonnie on the right. 
The last picture shows Ms. Vonnie's hands, 
"up on the BIG screen", rolling out dough for the apple twist.

This afternoon I did some more quilting:

Another quilt by Billie - it's a block of the month and I think she is getting things lined up for Christmas.
Wish I was that far ahead!

I put a few free motion pictures around the pieced blocks.  I think she'll like it. 

On a different subject, my cracker and soup party was a smashing hit a couple of nights ago.  I think we were all ready for a nice night in with friends and great food.  J&D brought a great green salad with all kinds of chopped veggies in it.  R&T brought a gourmet style apple pie to put in the oven while we were visiting and eating.  I had the tuscana soup with potatoes, spicy sausage and kale, along with the Grandma B's crackers and I whipped up a few small loaves of dilly bread.
AND...just like usual, we ate way too much, 'cause everything was way too good!  And even though most of us had to work the next day, we still visited way too late in the evening.  And we all commented that we should do this more often...don't know if we should eat too much more often or get together more often for no reason, or visit too late on a work night!!  I vote for all of the above!
Hope your weekend was as good as could be.

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  1. Debbie,

    Thanks for including my sis in your blog. It was fun seeing her pictures and reading about her adventure.

    Wish I could talk her into taking it a little easy and you gals opening that little gift/quilt shop called "Precious Rubies". :-)


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