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Thursday, October 29, 2009

does this make me a shady person?

Summer is gone, I have accepted this. The leaves are turning colors but still covering the trees.  I love this time of the early fall season.   This is one of my favorite trees in the neighborhood... a very large oak.  If my arms could wrap around it I would hug it.

I love to take a quilt out under the the huge, color-drenched trees, lie on the ground and look toward the sky. The trees are just saturated with the colors of Autumn.

The shady shades of Autumn: 
orange, red, green, brown, purple,
and every color in between.

Like putting a filter on a camera, it changes your perspective on the day. 
I love these fall shades. 

Here's my fall quilt:  it's all the colors of fall that I love, the pattern is a crazy nine patch. 
It has a long history...
here's the short version: 
pieced in 2005 for me, by me, layered and partially quilted (that's the long part- bad tension in bobbin in the middle third - but quilted the entire thing, then found the bad stitching.  Ripped out the middle third/plus some down to one corner.)  That was all 2005. 

I know this because 2005 and my name is stitched in the quilting  (yes, I know it is backwards, the better to see my stitching little red riding hood).

Fast forward to 2006:  Found quilt in stack that needed finished, so put it back on machine, finished quilting, again stitching in my name and date 2006 and a little autumn saying. 

No, I didn't remember that I had signed it in thread TWICE!! until I was putting on the binding in 2008!!!  And I decided that I would not rip it out again.  It will be something that will make people smile when they look at it years and years from now, and wonder why in the heck did she sign and date it on both ends, years apart????!

So, anyway, me and my fall colored quilt that is double signed, out under the beautiful fall colored trees, with fall colored leaves falling around.  Aaaahhhh!  *deep sigh*
If that makes me a "shady" person, I accept the label.

Its b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l out there!
And, now I know for sure, it's SOUP SEASON! 
Life is Good!

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  1. aw, that quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love those colors; fall is my favorite time of the year also!! And fun, the history of it, it is definitely a keeper and people will be wondering about it hundreds of years from now! That is so sweet!


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