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Thursday, October 22, 2009

reverse trick-or-treating and chili cook-off

I live in a rural area. 
Not many kids come around trick-or-treating here. 
Too far to walk between houses.  
Evidently hitting a bunch of houses close together in a neighborhood is more fun?  Little beggars (he he)  don't realize that I give out the big, good stuff since I don't have many coming through. 
Not like the neighborhood houses that get hundreds of kids and have to resort to the bags of little, used-to-be penny candies.
Anyway, reverse trick-or-treating.........
since I have candy left over after the beggin' hours are done,  and I know I don't want all that candy sitting around here, I know I have to get rid of it somehow, before *I scarf it aaaaallllllllllllll*!  (my voice just dropped 3 octaves, scary).  
1--you gather up all most of the candy,
2--put it in big bucket or bowl that's easy to carry,
3--put on your hiking shoes and a jacket appropriate for the weather, and
4--start walking to all the neighbors houses. 
5--When you get to a door,
6--ring the bell,
7--smile, and when the neighbors answer,
8--GIVE them some candy! 
9--costumes optional
10--problem solved

In conjunction with reverse trick-or-treating we usually have a bonfire and wiener roast.  Family, neighbors, and friends stop by after the beggin' and have a little dinner to go along with all that candy they have eaten. 

This year I'm planning a chili cook-off to be our dinner. 
You, your chili, your family. 
Outside by the bonfire. 

So, the gauntlet has been thrown:
Saturday, October 31, 2009
7 o'clock p.m.**
BRING-IT-ON:  your best and favorite chili.
Judged by anonymous ballot.
Prizes may be awarded for best in catagories: 
traditional, non-traditional & vegetarian.
I'll have tables/chairs, table service, sodas,
electric for the slow cookers & ballots for voting.
Oh, yeah, I'll also have the bonfire and weenies to roast.
You can bring along side dishes if you'd like:  something you always have with your chili.
**if you'd like you can drop off your chili before begging,
I'll keep watch over it and keep it warm 'til you get back
(promise, no sabotage).
Please let me know if you think you may attend. 
It's gonna be a fun all Hallow's eve !  And good eats!
Oh, yeah, reverse trick-or-treating optional.

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  1. Haha, reverse trick or treat!! I told my kids that you had to be 5 years old before it was okay to trick or treat, and all those kids were breaking the rules!! AND one year they
    were invited to a party with costumes, not wanting all of my MANY hours of custom costumes to go wasted, we did the reverse trick or treat....that lasted 3 houses and an elderly neighbor who loved the kids emptyed her candy basket into my kids pumpkins...blew that scheme all to you know where!! Love your blog!!


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