Lucy Boston

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bug in the shower & obsession, night five

When I reached in to turn the water on in the shower this a.m.,
there was a bug in the corner...
not a spider, but a two-segmented-body bug.
Now, Sweetie had showered earlier - and he said nothing about a bug...
Not that I'm afraid of bugs, or spiders, for that matter.
I just don't care to share my shower with either of them.

So, first try to remedy the situation of bug in the shower:
turn on the hot water and turn the shower head in the direction of the bug.
Of course, that doesn't ever work,
the bug just cowers in the corner,
getting a nice, hot bath. 
Probably thinking how nice the hot water is
compared to the cold, clammy drain and septic
he had just recently vacated.
And, it's not like I'm afraid of bugs, or spiders, for that matter.

So, second try to remedy the situation:
I got the shower cleaning brush and smashed the little sucker.
Then I turned off the water.
I don't know why I left the water on for the kill, but I did.
Maybe the water spray would have protected me if,
I don't know,
he suddenly decided to lunge
when he saw the brush head coming straight at him.

Anyway, remedied situation:
some tissue,
then a burial in the swirling-sea.
aka: porcelain tomb.

Then, I showered...
Nice moderately hot shower - as I had used up some of the reserve of hot water whilst bug-smashing.

So, the shower was really not that relaxing, though.
In my mind I kept thinking of where that bug had came in.
Was his whole family lurking close by?
Ready to jump up from the drain and attack my legs?
(I've seen Nature shows about how some bugs can jump...
And attack their victims...)
Or was the whole bug-clan/infestation 
clinging to the ceiling
and ready to drop onto my head and shoulders
like drops of water?

Good thing I don't have a problem with bugs,
or spiders,
for that matter.
What I have decided,
after that whole lot of water usage,
is that I think I have used my allotment of water for the day,
no doing dishes or laundry for me -
all day to sew!!!
I'm also thinking
I've been watching too many movies
on the natural science channel
while I've been sewing obsessing
over my little hexies!
Last night...the fifth night of obsessing:
ready to stretch and frame!
It finished ten by fourteen and 
I only had to make 208 little half-inch hexagons.


  1. Deb,
    That is so me. And I readily admit I hate bugs of any kind but esp the spider species. I would have ran screaming naked out of the shower tub and may have even been outside before I stopped myself.
    Happy to hear you were saved from the awful demon.
    Have hubs check shower tub before you approach.
    That's my advice for the day. Love your blog.
    Have been not getting around blogs lately so I'm back.

  2. YOU DID IT! Yipee! It looks great! bugs! )


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