Lucy Boston

Friday, May 20, 2011

more, please...

I've been seeing all the great new "stuff"
that was released at
Quilt Market this Spring...
and I need more, please...
more TIME, that is!!!

Oh me, oh my...
Really, what are they (the designers)
trying to do to us stitchers???!!!

Check out these new things-
in no particular order of preference ---
I'm telling you, I love them all!
These first two are from that bunch of troublemakers   from Crabapple Hill...    I can blame them in great part for my lack of time out of the stitching department!! :)
 Then there's that Kathy Schmitz... too many new things here that I would like to do, also!
Then, lo and behold... the new Need'l Love book comes into the lqs where I work part-time... now one of these has made it home with me!

And, I'm telling you,
 take my stitching with me everywhere
(just ask my family and friends - EVERYWHERE)!

Really, I have needle & thread with me at all times -
and most of that time it is on my person...
if not in my hand,
then the needle is stuck in my shirt-front 
& the thimble is in my pocket.
The gals at the market/grocery think something is wrong if I come in without a needle stuck into my clothing somewhere (they are kind and mostly over-look the threads stuck to me everywhere).

If you'd see my project stash, you'd think I was starting to hoard  (OK, past the "starting" stage)!  But if you don't get it when you see it, it's not available at a later date, I've found.

back to the ways I've found
to get some more time:

I've cut waaaaay back
on the time-wasting chores
of cleaning and dusting-
that stuff just comes back
almost as soon as you've done it, anyway.

I've pretty much given up on sleeping
(though that could be an age thing :) coming on)...
but that sure allows some more stitching time.

What's a gal to do?

I know,
maybe I could get a stitching job...
with a designer ...
and just stitch...
all day,
every day,
morning, noon & night.

Doesn't that sound like a dream job, or what?
The only thing that could make it better?
To get paid a little-
paid in flosses and wools!

Do you have any 
"more time, please" 

And, tell me...
what is your favorite new pattern
or fabric that's calling out to you?


  1. Beautiful beautiful post. WOrds and quilt pics as I love quilts. I just don't make them. Last winter I found myself repairing some of my mom's on the sewing machine! I know - don't beat me. You are a hand stitcher, I'm sure.
    But like you wishing for more time to stitch I wish for more time to spend with words, reading them or writing them.
    I saw a special greeting card recently which I intend to send to my daughter. It reminded me of you - beautiful quilt on front of the card. Inside talked talked about stitching together family and friends.
    Thanks for visiting my memorial day post.
    Blessings to you on this fine Ohio day.

  2. Crab apple Hill is great. I picked up a pattern for #315 Brunhilda's Midnight Ride pillow that has an emboridered witch riding a broom flying a halloween banner. It's flanked by various patterns and colors with fringe! It's a long round pillow 11 1/2 X 42.

  3. Thanks, Barb and Kathy!
    @Barb - I'd rather see a quilt repaired and used than sitting in a closet somewhere - so glad that you machine stitched your mom's quilt & are using it. And, I loved your Memorial Day piece (Hey folks, if you have a minute, link on over to Barb's blog and check it out! I think you'll enjoy it, too. I had to grab a tissue).
    @Kathy, I really like that pillow, too; share a picture on your blog when it's finished, please, as I'd like to see it!


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