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Monday, May 9, 2011

NOT the thread kind of meanderings...

I always feel as though I'm meandering.
Meandering through my thoughts, and meandering with thread...
processing the "stuff" going on in my little part of the world.
This post is Not about quilting,
but a couple of random, make-me-smile things...

As I was driving this past Saturday
on my way to a quilt shop meeting with a friend,
I saw a sign.
I saw a sign that I wished I could take a picture of to share with you.
But I was driving, so couldn't get a pic,
I think that is frowned upon, kind of like texting and driving... 
but, anyway,
here's what the sign said,
in it's hand-lettered fineness:

(and under that, in caps,)

Does that make you smile like it made me smile?
Wouldn't that make it a tag sale,
or barn sale,
or even a garage sale???

Then, just enough time had gone by that I had processed that
and lowered my level of grin,
I came across
another sign...

this one was a little more folk art looking in it's hand lettering,
and much bigger - maybe on a sheet of plywood,
so pretty big and standing with the 8 foot tall side vertical:

of every month

I  immediately laughed.
Out loud.
Then I called my brother.
(NOT the brother that has the wedding food chickens.
He's not needing to trade any chickens,
as he got the meat chickens that he wanted.)

I called the other brother.
He loves raising his chickens.
He even has a T-shirt that asks if you
"have hugged your chicken today".

And, no, he isn't ready to "swap" any right now,
but he might just have to take a ride someday....
just to check out the process of swapping,
in case he "has an unruly one" or something like that.

Happy Day to you!
Hope that made you smile, too.

Next up:
meanderings with thread

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