Lucy Boston

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When the red, red robin comes bob-bob bobbin' along:

I have a great view from my quilting room...
my quilting machine is in the back sun room.
There is plenty of sunlight coming in the windows;
The sights and sounds of spring.

I can see flowers and trees blooming,
hear the songs of birds...
see that nice apple tree full of white blossoms?
 The tree on the right,
over the handlebars of the quilting machine...
not the muddy mess on the left side of the window...
the muddy mess 
that kind of looks like tree blossoms
if you just glance.
Check out the next picture -
a little closer view of the muddy mess:
 and a profile shot, too:
 I have a robin visitor...
It took me awhile to figure out
what the tapping noise was...
he or she repeatedly comes and taps on the window. 
Every few minutes, fly/tap, fly/tap...
Here he is, flying back
to the little arbor six inches away from the window.
 With so much rain this spring,
my windows are not exactly clean and sparkly and shiny,
(who am I kidding, they're never sparkly/shiny!)
so I don't think he is seeing his reflection in the glass.
And I don't have anything shiny hanging in the windows.
Don't know what is going on,
but he now stays around while I am quilting...
my movements right inside the glass don't deter his
bob, bob, bobbin', either...
Anyone know a bird-whisperer?
Happy May!


  1. I had a tapping robin a few years ago. He drove me nuts after a month. I know, you will say I was nuts long before the tapping robin.

    Lil ole me in Cville

  2. Cville - yep, nuts long before that! Now there is a large, yellow fleece jacket hanging on the inside where he was visiting. That worked for maybe a half hour...he just moved over to the next window and is making a mess there now. Seriously, bird whisperer needed.


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