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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

quilter's block

aka: the hold up...
or MY not being able to decide on a quilting design.
Here's the culprit:
a very lovely quilt by Vickie.
And the
hold up/quilter's block/mental issue
was all mine...
no fault of the quilt-maker by any means!

what to stitch in the borders/sashing
that I thought would live up to the
gorgeous fabric that was used in the blocks.

I finally, finally, finally decided
on the blossom and leaf meander that mimicked the fabric in the panels.

Don't know why that took me so long.  Seems so simple, now.  Looking back, I think I was just a little afraid of messing this one up.  And don't know why about that either!  I am always very conscious of the fact that I could really mess up someones' labor of love!

Maybe it was just the fact that we I needed a couple of days of sunshine instead of this infernal rain we've had for the last two months!!! 

Oh, well, it's done and I love it, and I think she will, too.

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