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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I may have a new obsession...
I saw these little "hex" papers at the International Quilt Show.
You know, English paper piecing shapes.
Those pre-cut paper shapes that come in all shapes and sizes.
Little did I know
that there were VERY small ones
that fit right into my obsession like of minute detail.

These hexagon papers that I saw 
finished at only one quarter of an inch.
Yes, you read that right, one quarter inch...

There were also half inch hex papers.
Also calling to me.

The problem?
Both packets of these little hexes
were packets of like 12,000 paper hexagons.
I'm not planning on making a king-size quilt from quarter inch hexes right now.
Nor of the half inch size.
So, even though I picked them up and put them back at least five times,
I did not purchase the bulk pack of either size.
I did find the small packs
at one of the shops in our local shop-hop.
(Thanks so much, Good Wives & Company.)
Only 200 hexagons in the quarter-inch size packet.
And, only 125 hexagons in the half-inch size packet.
Much more do-able than 12,000 bulk!
(half inch size pictured) They are very scrap friendly!

I've had these papers only two nights...
Total Obsession!!!
Check your local shop and see if they are in on this obsession.
These little papers are available from the manufacturer Paper Pieces in Illinois,
Or, you can call the Good Wives & Company here in Ohio.

You, too, could start obsessing with me!


  1. Cute! That would make a great mug rug or machine mat. Have fun!

  2. Diane - I KNOW!! OMG - am I loosing it or what :)

  3. I saw on the internet where a woman is making 1/4" hexagons into a KING size comforter. You can google it and look at her madness :-)

    Lil ole me in Cville


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