Lucy Boston

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

promises, promises

do you ever promise, in passing, a new quilt?
and the promise is to a youngster?
and in your mind, that means sometime in the next few months?
but in the little persons' mind it means tomorrow?
no matter if there were three holidays
in between the promise and tomorrow?

In between the time of my own children and grandchildren,
I had forgotten this "time/promise" thing that happens...

So, I chose some new fabrics:
two charm packs in pinks and purples,
two border fabrics, also in pinks and purples,
and a nice pink backing fabric.
Can you see the theme here?
I'm thinking some scrappy hourglass
or half-square-triangle blocks,
in pinks and purples, of course.
A couple of borders, with
the darker purple for binding,
and Voila!
Quilt - tomorrow!!!
 (or close to tomorrow :)
I got these lovely pink and purple batiks
(yes, me & batiks... two worlds that don't usually collide)
from Peggy at Connect The Blocks -
an online quilt shop.
(Peggy and I worked together back when she first moved from Texas,
and we found out that we are birthday sisters, just a couple of years apart!).
She is a Texas gal, living here in Ohio now,
and she has a wonderful online shop 
(batiks are her first love, so no repros (yet!, but I keep asking)!!!
Great fabrics, great prices, and her shop is
"Home of the 40" yard"!!  Isn't that a great bonus??
 After I shopped for my "promised quilt" quilt fabrics,she gifted me with this t-shirt: (and it's not even our birthday!)
 Something Peggy found while back in Houston,
last time she was there!!!

Perfect, and thank you, Peggy!,
Life IS a Stitch,
and I LOVE it!!!
OK, need to rest,
then I'm off to whip-up a promised quilt!
I need to have it finished yesterday! :)


  1. Beautiful quilt pieces. Enjoyed reading this. Yes, our time as adults is not that of a kids.
    Always love looking at material. I don't sew much but I dream lots.

  2. yes, been there, done that, lol. Thanks for the new online quilt shop link-it looks like a great one that i'll be visiting


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