Lucy Boston

Monday, January 14, 2013

"the yellow ones don't stop"

Do you know where that quote is from?

Weekend before last, starting
Thursday 7 a.m., all Friday, and through Saturday 5 p.m.,
 another couple of friends, Sweetie and I...

embarked on a whirlwind tour...
Garment District and
Mood Fabrics
Top of the Rock
NBC studio tour,
Rockettes studio tour,
Central Park,
Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Modern Museum of Art,
911 Memorial,
China Town &
Little Italy,
food, food, food,
cabs and the Subway system...
Grand Central Station more than a few times!
(even at rush hour more than once).

Walked my legs off
in New York City
but loved it all the same.

Still, this country gal
is glad to be back home,
sweet home...

Ended up bringing back "Flu York"
Thank you very much NYC.
And no, Flu York is not the 'yellow ones' reference :)!

Hope your week is great -
even with the "yellow ones"!

Leave me a message
if you know the answer to where the quote:
"the yellow ones don't stop"
comes from.

I'll give a quilt-y something
to one person who knows the right answer.
[random draw on Friday evening (9 p.m. my time) Jan. 18th]

Hope your week is flu-free and
Happy Stitching!


  1. Yep...from the movie "Elf". Looks like a great trip! :0)

  2. Buddy the Elf says it in the movie. Sorry you got the flu in NYC. Not good. Hope you are well again now.


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