Lucy Boston

Monday, January 28, 2013

Sally Post, Lucy Boston, the Garden, and a Club House

The last few weeks while 
recuperating from Flu York,
and online browsing,
I found another quilty project!!!

It's Sally Post
907 150
The Sally Post quilt is an 1854 applique beauty -
and a group of gals are doing this quilt
as a sew-along this year! 
Isn't it gorgeous??!!
 (Thanks, Karen at Log Cabin Quilter
for sharing your first block
that got me hooked on this beautiful quilt project!!!,
and for welcoming me into the Sally Post /
Prim Folk Art Quilts group!)
 (If you are interested also,
visit Karen's blog: Log Cabin Quilter - she has the info link!)

Here's me,
telling MYSELF
the reasons why
I can start
another project:

The Sally Post quilt is applique! - 
so I can do some much-loved needleturning.
It's small blocks! - 
I love small blocks.
It's ongoing! -
a block a week for the next year.
It's a free pattern! -  
just print the block templates as you need them.
And, It's a pretty laid-back group! -
 no rules, no commitment, do as many as you want!
Yeah, I know I NEED another project.
Especially another large project...
  • I've just started Lucy Boston the English paper piecing beauty (goal: one block/week)
  • I also have at least two, large, hand, redwork embroidery projects going- one of them the Gardener's Alphabet  by Crabapple Hill (hopefully to finish this year)
  • I have quilt tops  (plural) that I've had ready to quilt for years (yes, plural, again)
  • I need to do a total redo of my quilting studio (it's looking like a cave, it's so loaded with fabric/projects/scraps)
  • speaking of scraps...I just got the book Simply Charming - Small Scrap Quilts of Yesteryear to use up some scraps/stash, so those little projects are on the horizon as well
But, I've decided, I like having too many projects ongoing.
It's a great feeling -
Sally and Lucy will become friends,
and then meet in the garden 
of my Gardener's Alphabet...
with their Simply Charming little quilts...
Like it's a CLUB HOUSE
in my messy quilt room!

So, Welcome 
to the club house, Sally!!


  1. Sally is pretty!! And I love Lucy! but i've never done EPP -so I couldn't start this, but I say GO FOR IT!!!

  2. Enjoyed your post. You sound so enthusiastic and happy to be starting this new project. I think starting something new gives me energy to finish some of the old ones. I am anxiously awaiting block 1 of a new BOM I've started. While I'm waiting I've been putting that energy into finishing up All AROUND TOWN another BOM from 2004. Good luck and Happy Appliqueing.


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