Lucy Boston

Monday, March 4, 2013

I was looking for a ruler...

I have issues, I know.
Don't we all?
But I may have to seek help...

Here's the story:
 I recently needed a baby quilt gift.
And I have lots of fabric scraps in baby quilt colors.
So I went through The Scraps, 
and came up with quite a few scraps already cut into
five inch charm squares in cute, baby quilt colors.
Which made me think:
"I could make a cute Lil Twister quilt!"
"Quick, easy, and scrap friendly!" I said."
(Yes, I talk to myself. And answer. Don't know what that means.)

"Yep!", I said to myself!
"Baby Twister it is!!"
Until I couldn't find my Lil Twister ruler.

I have the Lil Twister ruler.
I know I do...

I looked in the usual places...
cutting table, ruler rack, shelf above cutting table.
Not there. 
Then I checked the sewing table near the small cutting mat.
OK, on the sewing table,
there's a crock of my
'things I want to make soon, favorite patterns'...
you know - those great patterns
you pick up at shows and festivals
that you HAVE TO MAKE NEXT soon.
I leafed through the stack quickly,
looking for my Lil' Twister ruler/pattern.
No luck...
But I'd already looked everywhere else,
it had to be there.
So emptied the crock
(the crock, btw, may be a magic, bottomless crock:) 
of "HAVE TO MAKE NEXT soon patterns...
and slid them, one by one, into a drawer.
Here's the drawer now:
Now, I didn't count, but there are at least 50 patterns!!!
Yes F-I-F-T-Y. 
FIFTY "HAVE TO MAKE NEXT soon favorites.

Doing some quick math -
          assuming I live to be at least 104,

I need to USE & MAKE one of the aforementioned
every year
for the
See?  Issues!
By the way, February was my birthday month. 
Guess what I bought myself? 
Why, a new quilt pattern, of course! 
What is wrong with me?
Oh, and I never found the Lil' Twister ruler.


  1. Sounds familiar. You know the best way to find your 'Lil Twister-------go buy a new one, it is sure to show up the next day.

  2. I am forever searching for things! Sometimes I have them one minute, and the next, who knows where that stuff gets too? I just need someone to come in and organize everything for me, then I could keep track. Yay, right!!

  3. I hope you've found your ruler by now. How frustrating. At least you were able to organize your patterns. . .

  4. I have a ruler stand. I store my rulers under a folding table, and hang a table runner over it, to cover all the rulers. As I come across 'lost' rulers, I send them that way. It's getting easier to find the rulers now. Gee, patterns, I have boxes and boxes of them, don't even get me started on books or fabric.


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