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Monday, March 18, 2013


Continuation of the Hot Pad Block Tutorial...
this is how I do the bindings for these Hot Pad or Pot Holder blocks
In reality, these finished little quilts!
After the block has been
and trimmed (to common block measurement),
cut the binding strips...
Cut strips for the top and bottom (opposing sides).
Cut these as single fold - 1 1/4 inches wide and the length of the block:
then sew (as above pic shows) 
(as you would any binding- right side of binding to front of block)
onto the quilt block bottom and top.
Press binding outward. 
Press again - folding the raw edge of the binding
to the layered edge of the block back
as on the left side in the above picture.
Now, fold binding in half again,
bring previous fold to the sewn line on the block back. 
Pin and stitch the binding to the quilt block back, finishing binding
(as shown on the right side of the pic above).

For OPPOSING SIDES:  cut your binding for the two sides of the block.
ADD ONE INCH extra on each of these side binding strips:
IE:  if finished block measures 12 inches, cut strip to 13 inches...
Fold over the extra allowance (half inch on each side) as shown above.
Align folds with the finished binding edges, right sides together,
and as before, machine sew the binding onto the block. 
This time, back-stitching at beginning and end. 
Finish as before, but in addition
 I also whip-stitch the folded-under ends
when I'm hand-stitching the bindings.

Finished HOT PAD BLOCK!!


  1. Very nice technique, then do you whip stitch them all together?

    1. Thanks, Betty Lou! And, yes, whipping them together is the next step, also the next post/tutorial! Thanks for following!

  2. Wow!- looks like a great way to tackle big quilts. Thanks!


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