Lucy Boston

Monday, March 25, 2013

quilting, snow and soup

Another snow storm has passed through Central Ohio...
another 6 inches or so.  It's beautiful.
It's also nice to be able to work from home - quilting.
And cooking while I'm stitching away...
it's Soup Time!!!
That's kind of been my theme this Winter...
Snow and Soup.
What's better than a big pot of soup simmering as the snow falls??

I made up a batch of Beef-Barley-Vegetable soup and
some crusty bread - man does the house smell great!
(If only I had fresh cream...I'd churn up some fresh butter
just like Great-Grandma B always seemed to have on hand
when there was a snow storm blowin' in.)

Check out my bread-baking bowls:
Can you tell from the color of my Pyrex 
which decade I received these as a wedding gift???
Makes me smile. 
Snow, quilting, cooking...
what a great way to finish up the last week of March!


  1. Nice meal for the snow day! And I'm guessing 1970's??-funny - I have those same bowls :)

  2. Love soup and really love Pyrex, any color. I think must have been married before colored Pyrex and what I do have I have purchased. I did have a red dot FireKing bowl that my oldest son loved because I always let rolls rise in it. In 2011, I sent it to him, we were going to his house for Thanksgiving, and wanted to let him know I would make rolls.

  3. Beautiful bowls. I had a turquoise set once. Who knows where they got to. Broken maybe.
    Soup looks delicious. I like you make soup and combine it with my craft, writing. Stir awhile, write awhile. Keep up the beautiful work, Deb.


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