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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sally Post February HOT PAD BLOCK METHOD

My Sally Post Garden - February blocks:
The block, top left is finished - appliqued, pieced, layered, hand-quilted, & bound.
The block, top right is appliqued, layered, & hand-quilted, ready to trim & bind.
The little block at the bottom is the center appliqued piece for my third block.
I'm doing the quilt in the Hot Pad or Pot Holder method...
which finishes each block completely as I go.
I was asked about this Hot Pad method,
and if there was a tutorial,
so here are a few pics of the process:
finished block, ready to layer
 I've cut my backing and batting about an inch bigger
than the finished block top, then pin basted.

block layered and pin basted, ready for quilting
I have used basting pins for these blocks,
but you can use the method you prefer for basting
(If you find the pins "un-thread" your quilting needle, you can pin from the back).

Hand-quilting...You can see I've "rolled" the block to the quilting area.
(this needle is a little large, but what I had with me when I was traveling)
These blocks are about 15 inches square, and just as with a large, layered quilt, I start quilting from the center outward.  I don't generally use a quilting hoop, just roll up the layered quilt block in my non-dominant hand to where I am quilting with my dominant hand.  The rolling method keeps the layers of the block slightly taut, just enough to be able to rock the needle.  My left hand also has a thimble so I can "touch down" the needle with every stitch, just as you would if you were using a hoop. 

After quilting is finished and the block is pressed (from the back, so as not to flatten the applique work), I square the block and bind.

I hope this answers questions about this method of finishing...
if not, just leave me a note, and I'll address later.

I'll show pics of my "Opposing Side Binding" next post.

Happy Weekend, & Happy Stitching


  1. thanks - the pictures really help.

  2. These pieces are incredibly beautiful. You are an artist. Can't believe how talented you are. Did I miss what these are intended for? A gift for someone special?
    Thanks for sharing. My mother quilted and I love stopping by here to see what you are doing!

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