Lucy Boston

Monday, March 25, 2013


You've appliqued, pieced, layered, quilted, trimmed to finished size AND bound... so now that you have a whole bunch of "mini quilts" finished?
Lay out and whip-stitch together!
These are 7 inch finished Hot Pad blocks
that I've laid out to audition placement
before whip-stitching together
If I need to pack up the project to have it ready for some travel sewing, I get my layout the way I like and then pin "baste" into rows and columns:
I put my finished blocks right sides together and
whip-stitch from the back:  
Use a matching thread and just whip-stitch away!  
Doesn't take much time at all...
but I love to hand-stitch,
so maybe it does take some time and I just don't realize it :)  .

From Hot Pad blocks to entire FINISHED quilt in no time at all!

This entire method of Hot Pad or Pot Holder blocks came from
Civil War times...and from this great book:
 about the quilts of the ladies aid societies.
(More info about this Pot Holder method
herehere, and here.)


  1. What an interesting concept. This is something I could take to.

  2. This is a great book and good read, like the potholder concept and yours are very nice.

  3. I like the look of the blocks pot holder style. You have certainly mastered the technique.


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