Lucy Boston

Monday, March 2, 2015

birthday thanks

I have such a great family and wonderful friends!
I've celebrated my day of birth over the entire month of February 
and into early March!!
Lunches or dinners out, cards, emails, electronic greetings;
and I got to spend the actual date with a quilty friend, 
sewing all day.
During that day of sewing, there was visiting, laughing and solving the world's issues.
Oh, and food too, as she brought in lunch, which was tasty...
and a cake she made for me!
Another friend stopped and dropped off flowers and chocolates.
My family gathered over the weekend and we had a fun pizza party and more cake -
cupcakes from a nice bakery - which I ate before taking a picture,
but you can see the nice bakery box in the first picture. :)

Then to top off the party day, there was more snow - 
another 7 or 8 inches!
So for my party, there were snow angels 
The three-year-old made me my very own snow angel.
AND family sledding fun!!!
Look at that smile on the one-year-old who loved sledding
(and the beautiful smile on the daughter, too).
Papa 'giving a spin' sledding push to the eight-year-old cutie.
A close-up of the three-year-old,
since you couldn't see his adorable face in the snow angel pic, above.

And a family shot - my first 'selfie'.
Snow smiles on the 1st of March! (but missing the grand-daughter in this pic)
My sincerest thanks to all of my loved ones 
for helping me celebrate the beginning of another wonderful year!
And for everyone who was tired of the snow and sent it all my way. ;)


  1. Oh Happy times! Birthdays should go on forever shouldn't they? Happy Birthday and Happy Snow day.

  2. Your birthday must have been very enjoyable. The cake looks luscious!

  3. what an awesome time!! pretty flowers :)


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