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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Country Living Fair in Ohio, Delaware County Fair, Centerburg Old Time Festival

This weekend was a whirlwind weekend of fun, fun, fun!
First, I visited the Ohio Historical Village for the Country Living Fair that was held here in Columbus, Ohio. 
If you have never visited the Ohio Historical Village, you should really take the time.  The first time I remember that I was there was maybe a school trip.  I say maybe, 'cause that was a LONG time ago for me and school.   I do know I was there with my children for fieldtrips, but that was also a long time ago.  The most recent time I was at the Village before this weekend was for a beautiful wedding in the old church.   Only about 100 people were in the entire village for the wedding, and I just meandered down the uncrowded boardwalks and paths. 

This weekend the Ohio Village was much different.  It was just crowded with tents and vendors and country stuff and antiques and almost antiques and rustic thingys and pumpkins and mums and fall decor and food and friendly people.

I took this picture because it shows a little of the village path and I Love the little yellow vintage trailer for lemon-shake-ups.  Double click on the pic and it will enlarge so you can see great little lemon trailer. 

This view shows from the church back toward the main vendor area. 

Notice all the people in the distance.  Notice all the people carrying shopping bags.  And weapons disguised as country thingys when you are in crowds like that. hehe
I had hoped to look for a little kit of quilting or hand embroidery, but the booth that I was looking for, Country Threads from Iowa, was just packed with people.  Just couldn't get in.  And by that time I had purchased this very nice, large, european market basket/weapon.
Here is that little something that I purchased.  It became my weapon of choice as I wandered through the crowd! 

I will fill it with cut perennials and weeds.  I joked that I had to purchase it just to carry my sweater and other finds.  It is a market basket after all.

 I found a great booth toward the back of the Village.  My favorite booth folks travelled from Pennsylvania to vend at this show.  Their display was gorgeous and made me drool.  If  I was a silly person, I would have to take a road trip for their open house later this fall. It WAS that droolably good!  My other finds I purchased from this booth.  They were a few floating things.  Yes, I said floating things.  Candles, gourds, candy corn, and little glass bubbles. I will post a picture in a few days as I change my decorations around the house.

It was a wonderful day at the Historical Village.  I just didn't expect that many people!

Then, because we could, sweetie and I went to the Delaware County Fair today.  The Delaware Fair was kind of quiet, since it was soon after church time on Sunday.  We were given a great tour by two tour guides: a Nephew and Neice who are new 4H members this year and last.  We got to see all the goats and cows and the turkey and dog and photos and posters and vegetables that they took this year as projects.

We will go back tonight for a surprise sweet 16 birthday party for a sweet 16 year old neice. Here's the pic of the cookie I made to take:

Then on to the Centerburg Old Time Festival with some neighbors.  While there, I saw a second cousin and his group of buddies.  They do entertainment for this type of outdoor show.  Their entertainment is:  you'll never guess, Tractor Square Dancing!.  Yes, square dancing on tractors in a dirt show arena.  And so that you can tell the guys from the girls while the tractors are a dancing, they put a "jean flag" on the boy tractors, and a "dress flag" on the girl tractors.  They always try to have guys drive the guy tractors and girls drive the girl tractors, but sometimes it doesn't come out evenly. They have to have a guy drive a girl tractor.  But to make it less confusing for the spectators, they have the guy driver dress like a girl on the girl tractor.  So, you can see from the pic that they didn't have enough girl drivers today and one of the guys  had to dress the girl part!

Yes, the very nicely dressed man in the pink party dress is my second cousin, Ed.   He and the other drivers are standing around having a rootbeer after the square dance.  Tractor Square Dancing is hard work.  By this time the blonde wig is off.  It's just too hot.
All in good fun, and the crowd enjoys it.

So off to the fair with the giant cookie.  And the rain has let up so maybe not as much muddy fun.

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