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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zippity Do Dah

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood here in Central Ohio.  Sun shining days; cool, insect chirping nights; garden greens slowly withering; sunsets around 8 p.m.!  I may have to admit that summer is winding down whether I'm ready for it or not. 
I love all the seasons as they come....and I hate to see each one go.  There are so many things I had planned for the summer, it just can't be going!  Not enough swimming/poolside days, not enough trips to the beach, not enough hikes in the woods or hills,  definately not enough picnics, and I haven't eaten enough of all the local fresh corn, tomotoes, green beans, etc, etc, etc. 
And the clincher - Ohio State Buckeyes Football this Saturday!  I have to admit THAT is a sign of the changing of seasons.
So.............."zippity do dah, zippity ay".  I will try to get as much packed in as possible:  the sun and the fun and the rest of the local fruits and veggies. "My, oh my, what a wonderful day!"

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