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Friday, September 4, 2009


Today was a busy day.  As I mentioned yesterday, I was working as a vendor at the Circleville Quilt show today for Always In Stitches Quilt Shop (Grove City, Ohio). 
It all started with being on the road by 7:15 a.m.  I arrived at the show by 8:30 and the show started at 9.  Not a rip roaring start customer wise, but was a good way to "break me in" since I hadn't worked a trade show for MANY years. That was the first hour, then it was hopping!   There were so many nice people working and shopping and helping out from the quilt guild. 
I had a surprise meeting with a fellow blogger   Sheila was my first blog "comment" from someone that I didn't previously know or wasn't related to!  Anyway, she introduced herself, was very nice and it was very thoughtful of her to stop and introduce herself at the quilt show.
Later in the afternoon it had slowed down a bit and I was working on a stitchery (surprise, surprise) while tending the booth and I showed a customer the way I do my stitching for redwork.  She thanked me and went merrily shopping along.
 A while later a group of 3 or 4 women came and sat at the "lunch table" behind the booth.  I joked with them that they were a little late for lunch since it was after 4 o'clock.  They said they were there for a class.  I thought that was great, a little class was going to be close to where I was working...maybe I could listen in! 
Soon there were 6 ladies at the table, one of them being the original shopper-Cindy, that I had shown my stitching... and you guessed it, I was teaching the little class!!!.  What a hoot!  I showed them my stitching and we laughed and shared and visited until almost closing! 
As we talked, one of the gals, Karen, told me that she knows of me (Me? I say, looking around). While she was somewhere (and who knows why this came up, but my husband talks to everyone, and evidently she does too) she talked to someone, she is a quilter and told whomever to invite me, also a quilter, to the guild she is in north of where I live.
So, she put it together that
ONE-She knew that I live near her from the address on one of my patterns,
TWO-I work in the Grove City quilt shop,
and THREE-she had told someone that they should join the quilt guild that she is in. 
I vaguely remember my sweetie did remember to mention this, but this was two or three months ago!
After a quick call to sweetie he remembered the conversation - in the local dentist office!!!  Isn't the world such a small place? And aren't quilters just amazing people?

Oh, I almost forgot, I did purchase a little at the show, so here are a couple of pics of purchases:
Some wool cut-outs for some applique' on this great fabric. 
It has no manufacturers' name in the selvage, so don't know what it is before you ask.

And in the pic below: 
the top fabric is
the Woods" by Maywood
and the bottom fabric is "Ancient Calligraphy" I think, by Lakehouse.
But no, I didn't get my camera out at all during the show! Boo to me!
Don't know why I didn't snap any pics.
So anyway,  here's to meetings! I just love 'em. Seven degrees of seperation and all that!

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and keep stitchin'!

Isn't life great?


  1. It was great to meet you, Debra! I consider it serendipity since I didn't know you were going to be there. Of course, I had the advantage of that family picture. ;>

  2. Yes, I think quilters are amazing people! At least the one I know!


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